Barren-Ground Caribou

Hunt the world’s largest Barren Ground caribou on Adak Island.

Adak Island

Adak Island is 28 miles long by 20 miles wide. The island was home to the Navy’s North Pacific Operations during WWII and played a key role in reclaiming Kiska and Attu Islands from the Japanese. The Alaska Maritime Wilderness Refuge covers approximately ¾ of the island. Terrain is rolling, open tundra. Caribou from the Nelchina herd of Alaska, were transplanted on to Adak Island in 1959 to supply the military personnel with sports hunting and to be an emergency food source. This herd has approximately 2,700+ animals. Hunts are conducted from a boat and spike tent camps. Transportation to the hunting area is by boat or hiking trails.

Ptarmigan hunting is available with time permitting in the contracted hunt time. A 12-gauge shotgun is recommended for ptarmigan hunting.

Regularly scheduled jet flights to Adak from Anchorage are available with Alaska Airlines.

Adak 5 Day Caribou Hunt
September 18 - 22